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The major festivals observed by the Muslims of Kerala, as elsewhere in the world, are Bakrid (Idul Azha) and Ramzan (Idul Fitr). The former is called by the Kerala Muslims Valiya Perunnal and the latter Cheriya perunnal. 
The Bakrid commemorates Ibrahim’s (Abhraham) offering of his only son as a sacrifice in obedience to God’s command. The Muslims enjoy hearty feasts on Bakrid day. The rich may sacrifice a he goat or a bullock and distribute it among Frieds, relatives and the poor. The famous Haj is performed after the celebration of Idul Azha.
Idul-Fitr, of late known by the misnomer 'Ramadan' is one of the two festivals of Islam. Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar year. During this month the Muslims observe fast, giving up all kinds of food and drink during day time, and spend the major part of the night in devotion and prayer. Purification of the body and soul is the main aim of this observance.
Recently in certain parts of Kerala new practices in connection with the celebration of this festival have been introduced. One of the novel features of the Id celebration is to invite members of the sister communities to participate in such functions.
Milady Sherif

Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, was born on the 20th of April, 571 AD. Muslims all over the world celebrate the birth of the Prophet in various ways. In Kerala the practice of large scale celebration of the Prophet's birthday is of recent origin. Reading what is commonly known as the Maulood' which is a short biography of the Prophet written both in verse and prose in the Arabic language has been the common ritual of the day. Of late in Kerala, there has developed another practice connected with the Milady Sheriff. Night lectures are organized during the first twelve days of the month when Muslim Ulemas through their discourses enlighten the people on the various aspects of the life of the Prophet. Thus through the celebrations connected with the Milady Sheriff, the Muslim masses get an opportunity to be enlightened on the life and teachings of the Prophet.
The celebration of the Milady Sheriff in certain parts of the State, for instance Ponnani, is marked by busy activity connected with large scale feeding of the poor. Here in the Muslim Centre, one finds that the town is active during the whole night, busily engaged in the charitable work of supplying food to the poor.
Muharram is another festival celebrated by Muslims on the 10th day of Muharram the forbidden month, which marks the beginning of the Hijra year.
Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kodungallor 
The first mosque in India. Situated in Methala, Kodungalloor, hardly 20 kilometer from the Irinjalakuda railway station.Legend says King Cheraman Perumal of Kodungallor left for Mecca, embraced Islam, accepted the name Thajudee, married the sister of the then King of Jeddah. Before his death Thajuddeen handed over to the King of Jeddah several letters addressed to Kerala Kings seeking their help to propagate Islam. The Jiddah king came to Kerala and met the then king of Kodungalloor who helped the former convert Arathali temple into a Juma Masjid. This mosque was designed and constructed based on Hindu art and architecture.he first mosque in India.
It was built in 629 A.D. and resembles a temple in appearance. It is situated in Kodungaloor.
Ottapalam Juma Masjid 
Mortal remains of Uthman Auliya, a revered man in Muslim Community here, is entombed here. Prayers are held in this mosque on Fridays. Annual festival is held in January-February. During the festival a grand processions bringing ceremoniously various articles such as rice, coconut, etc to the mosque as offerings is held. Next day, a grand feast is held for the poor.
The Jama-at mosque,Malappuram
The Jama-at mosque is important for Kerala’s Muslims. The annual Nercha festival of the mosque is celebrated for four days in April.
Adjoining the mosque is a mausoleum of the Malappuram Shaheeds whose brave exploits have been immortalised in Mappilla Ballads.
Pazhayangadi Mosque, K o n d o t t i
On the way to Malappuram, 18 km east of Manjeri, is Kondotti a prominent pilgrim centre for Muslims. The Valia Nercha festival at the 500 year old Pazhayangadi Mosque, celebrated for three days in February-march, draw large number of devotees.