Pilgrim Centers

Guruvayoor is one of the most sacred and important pilgrim centres of Kerala. Its main attraction is the Sree Krishna temple. This historic temple is shrouded in mystery. According to belief, the temple is the creation of Guru, the preceptor of the Gods, and Vayu, the God of winds. The eastern nada is the main entrance to the shrine. In the Chuttambalam (outer enclosure) is the tall 33.5 m high gold plated Dwajathambam (flag post). There is also a 7 m high Dipastambham (pillar of lamps), whose thirteen circular receptacles provide a truly gorgeous spectacle when lit. The square Sreekovil is the sacred sanctum sanctorum of the temple, housing the main deity. Within the temple there are also the images of Ganapathy, Lord Ayyappa and Edathedattu Kavil BhagaVathy. Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple.

It is, 191 km from Thiruvananthapuram and 210 km from Kochi: One of the most famous pilgrim centres in India, Sabarimala is situated on the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats at an altitude of 914 m above sea level and is accessible only by foot from Pamba (4 km). The temple is dedicated to Sree Ayyappa. Pilgrim season: November to mid January. Mandala Pooja and Makaravilakku are the two main events of the pilgrim season. The temple stays closed during the rest of the year except for the first five days of every Malayalam month and during vishu (April). Nearest railway station: Thiruvalla (102 km) People of all castes and creeds are permitted into the temple. However, entry not allowed to women between 10 and 50 years of age.


Kaladi near to Angamali is pilgrim center on the banks of Periyar. It is also the birth place of the great Indian Philosopher Sri Adi Sankara Acharya. There are two shrines of Sri Adi Sankaracharya. One dedicated to him as Dakshinamurthy and the other to Goddess Sarada, maintained by the Sringeri Mutt. On the same premises there is a spot, Vrindavan where Adi Sankaracharya's mother Aryamba was cremated. In addition to it there is a an ancient Srikrishna Temple close by which was the family temple of Sankaracharya. Another temple known as International temple dedicated to Sri Ramakrishna Deva has been built with a hope that it would become a temple for all religions and an abode of peace.
Sri Sankara took to Sanyasa, (renunciation) at the spot of Crocodile Ghat. According to legend it was here that the crocodile caught hold of Sri Sankara, mother Aryamba permited him to accept Sanyasa and the crocodile disappeared.
The famous Catholic Church of Malayattur is on a height of 609 meters and is dedicated to St. Thomas who had landed the Kerala coast in 52 AD. Thousands of devotees undertake a trip to the shrine to participate in the annual festival Malayattur Perunnal in March. St. Thomas is believed to have prayed at this shrine.
The Jama-at Mosque, Malappuram
This is an important pilgrim centre of the Muslims of Kerala. The four day annual festival at the mosque (nercha) is celebrated in April. Adjoining the mosque is the mausoleum of the Malappuram Shaheeds (martyrs) whose brave exploits have been immortalised in the Mappila ballads.