People of Kerala

Malayalam is the language of Kerala. Keralites are popularly called "Malayalees" for the language they speak. The people of Kerala form a well educated society. Kerala is the first state in Indian with 100% literacy.
The women mostly dress themselves in those wonderful six meters of silk or cotton called SARI. The more convenient dresses like Churidar and Western fashion styles are popular among the younger generation. 
The men mostly subscribe to trousers and shirt like the rest of the world. How ever you shouldn't be surprised if you find them dressed in the traditional "Kasavu Mundu", a three to four meter long cotton twin cloth with silk border, as formal dress and a colourful cloth called "Kaily" or "Lunky" at home as the informal dress. Mundu is more popular in the rural areas. The typical style  of a Malayalee is "Mundu", top covered with a silk cloth called "Melmundu" and wooden slippers called as "Methiyadi". The very interesting thing about a Malayalee is his Moustache. Almost 90% of the men having a nice Moustache. It is very easy to identify a Malayalee. Most of the Malayalees love to have a nice Beard too.
Malayalees are living all over the world. About 2.5 million people, that means about 8% of the total population, in the Gulf Countries  are Malayalees. Also a large number of Malayalees are employing in USA, UK and other European countries. A survey showing that about 30% of Computer Software professionals in USA are from India among them 20% are from Kerala. 
A good joke about Malayalees is there which is very famous. When Neil Armstrong put his foot in Moon then he heard a sound "Choodu Chaya Kappy ..... Chaya Kappy" (in English - hot tea, coffee) there. (With in a short period we will provide jokes about Malayalees through this site).
The Hindus account for nearly 60% of the population. The rest of the 40% is almost equally divided between the Christians and the Muslims.
Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy. Exports and tourism also plays an important role.
The official language of Kerala is Malayalam but English too is widely spoken and is taught in schools and Universities. Malayalam is considered to be a very complete language it has 56 alphabets and many more vowels, making every word and accent in the world easily pronounceable to the Malayalees. Kerala is one of the most progressive state in terms of social welfare and physical quality of life. The matriarchal system here is a unique social heritage as the women of Kerala enjoy a better status than there counter parts else where in India.
The people of Kerala enjoy a unique cosmopolitan outlook, which is reflected in there tolerance towards other races and religions. So it has been called Kerala as "God's Own Country"