n  Area : 2642 sq. km.
n  Population (in 000,s) : 1188
n  Males (in 000s) : 576 n Females (in 000s) : 612
n  Percentage to State population : 4.08

n  No. of households : 259
n  Average size of family : 4.58
n  Climate: 
n  Tropical humid, Cool and pleasant in the 
n  High Ranges and the Cardamom Hills

Pathanamthitta, a hilly terrain of pristine beauty is popular as the headquarters of pilgrim worship in Kerala. More than fifty per cent of the total area of the land of temple, rivers, mountain ranges and coconut groves is covered by forest. The district is frequented by visitor from India and abroad often for its water fiestas, religious shrine and the cultural training centre. Pathanamthitta is bordered by the Western Ghats on the east, Kollam district on the south, Alappuzha district on the west and Kottayam and Idukki districts on the north. 

Nearest airport: Thiruvananthapuram (119 km) 
Pathanamthitta is well connected by an excellent network of roads to all major towns in Kerala. 
Nearest railway station: Thiruvalla (30 km); Chengannur (28 km)