n Area : 4,480sq km
n Population (in 000's): 2382
n Males (in 000s) 1156 n Females (in 000s) 1226
n No. of households : 445

n Average size of family : 5.35
n Altitude: 
n Midland- 7.62 to 76.2m above Sea level.
n Highland- 914 to 2133m above sea level.
n Rainfall (Annual):  240 cm
n Tourist Season: September to February

The district of Palakkad known as the granary of Kerala, is a land of valleys, hillocks, river, forests, mountain streams, dams and irrigation projects. Situated at the foot of the western Ghats, this is the gateway to KeraIa from the north. Palakkad derived its name from the Malayalam words Pala (Alsteria scholaris) and Kadu (forest) which, goes to prove that this place was once a beautiful stretch of forests covered with the sweet scented flowers of the Pala tree 

Nearest airport: Coimbatore (55 km) 
Palakkad Junction Railway Station (5 km from the city) is a major railhead of the Southern Railways. 
Palakkad is connected by an excellent network of roads to all the major cities in India. KSRTC bus stand Ph: 520098