n  Area: 2,203sq km
n  Population (in 000,s) : 1828
n  Males (in 000s) : 913 n Females (in 000s) : 915
n  No. of households : 362

n  Average size of family : 5.05
n  Rainfall (Annual): 346 cm
n  Altitude: 935 to 2817 m above Sea level
n Climate: Tropical humid, Cool and pleasant in the -
n High Ranges and the Cardamom Hills
n Tourist Season: September to March

Bordered by the lofty western Ghats on the east and the Vembanad Lake and paddy fields of Kuttanad on the west, Kottayam is a land of unique characteristics. Panoramic backwater stretches, lush paddy fields, highlands, extensive rubber plantations and totally literate people have given the district the enviable title: The land of letters, latex and lakes. This land also boasts the first Malayalam printing press which was established by Benjamin Bailey, a Christian Missionary, in 1820 AD. Kottayam is the ideal take-off point, for visits to Peermede, Munnar, Idukki, Thekkady, Ernakulam and the temple city of Madurai.  

Nearest airport: Kochi (76 km), Thiruvananthapuram (160 km) 

The railway station is situated 2 km from the central bus station and is connected to the major cities of India.
An excellent network of roads connects the district to all the major towns and cities of India